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Our Stay and Learn Program is set apart from other “Board and Train” options by our commitment to modern, positive reinforcement methods. See our Training Philosophy for more details!

Renovations, heading out of town for a work trip or vacation, family visiting, unsure if raising a puppy from scratch is possible, or just needing help getting a solid “good behavior basics” foundation for your dog?  You could take the opportunity to combine overnight boarding, quality time for your dog, AND quality training!  Our programs use exclusively a positive reinforcement training approach, for a fear-free, family and pet-friendly learning experience.

Why Stay and Learn?

Choosing our Stay and Learn program will allow your dog to benefit from consistent training while living in their trainer’s home.  We get to know your dog closely, which allows us to adjust their training dynamically, in a way that best suits their individual needs and skill level.  While staying in their trainer’s home, dogs enjoy enrichment, playtime, and multiple training sessions each day.  A home environment also means your dog will be able to practice in “real life” scenarios, with access to similar situations they would experience at home, like tempting kitchen counters, or enticing critters near the yard!

Is Stay and Learn right for my dog?

Stay and Learn is suitable for dogs of all ages and puppies as young as 8 weeks old are encouraged to participate.  For the safety of the dogs in our care, we require that all dogs entering the program:

– Are physically healthy, with a current veterinary wellness examination.

– Have completed all vaccinations recommended for their age, including the Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza vaccinations.

– Have a clear fecal test, and are up to date with Flea and Tick preventatives.

– Can settle safely in an appropriately sized crate for periods of approximately two hours, and overnight.

– Must be free of aggression towards dogs and other people.

We do not recommend Stay and Learn programs for dogs with moderate to severe separation anxiety.  We are happy to help you work on separation anxiety through private training or help you connect with a trainer who specializes in Separation Anxiety. 

Stay and Learn is not suitable for dogs in need of certain types of behavior modification or to treat aggression.  On a case-by-case basis, Stay and Learn may be suitable for dogs who display leash reactivity, mild to moderate fear, or who display behaviors from lack of confidence.  Human or animal-directed aggression creates a safety concern for our team members, their families, and other companions in their care.  Private lessons are the best alternative for these cases; we would be happy to work with your dog privately or to locate a trainer who specializes in aggression cases. 

What will by dog’s day-to-day be like?

Stay and Learn clients are taken in small numbers, to ensure we are able to dedicate appropriate time to their training, exercise, enrichment, and social needs; our program is based on creating a positive, learning-rich environment for your dog where they are integrated into the household routine.  Structured training sessions are scheduled several times during the day, though in reality, everything your dog experiences is an opportunity to learn; we keep treats handy to reinforce good behavior!  Dogs staying with us are crated in a safe area when unsupervised, and provided with bedding, water, TV or radio, plus enrichment when appropriate.  Dogs are never left unattended outdoors; they will enjoy playtime with the trainer in a fenced yard, or join for walks on a leash when appropriate.

How often will I receive updates while my dog is away?

While we understand it’s very important to be able to “check in” and see how your companion is doing, we want to focus the majority of our time on training and interacting with the dogs in our care.  A Google Drive Folder is created for your dog, where you will be able to see their daily training videos you’ll also receive text or email progress updates with photos of your dog.

What is included in my dog’s Stay and Learn package?

Your dog’s Stay and Learn package includes daily care and lots of personal attention, plus consistent, professional training during their stay.  All packages include an initial 24-hour Trial Night to be scheduled at least one week before their program and a 1-Hour Follow-Up Virtual Private Lesson to be scheduled within the first two weeks after completing the program, plus a few other goodies!

* Bronze Package: includes a treat pouch and clicker.

* Silver Package: includes a treat sample, a treat pouch, and a clicker.

* Gold Package: includes a treat sample, a treat pouch, a clicker, and a travel training mat.

* Platinum Package: includes a “Trainer’s Choice” bag of treats, a treat pouch, a clicker, an appropriately fitted harness, and a travel training mat.

Previous Stay and Learn students are also exclusively able to participate in “Stay and Play” and board with us after completing their program.  We do not offer overnight boarding to the general public. 

As with all our services, we require an Initial Consultation to ensure we have a clear understanding of your training goals and challenges and that your dog is not only a good fit, but that they will have a positive experience while in our program.  All Initial Consultations are Virtual for scheduling convenience, and include a post-lesson written summary with additional resources, recommendations, tips and tricks, and other considerations made with your individual dog and family in mind.

Please note the Platinum Package is exclusive to puppies 8 to 14 weeks old at the start of their program.  Let us do the initial heavy lifting of potty training, crate training, and age-appropriate socialization for your family!


Bronze Package

7 Days



Silver Package

10 Days



Gold Package

15 Days



*Platinum Package

21 Days 



Initial Consultation, Virtual (60 minutes) – $120

Additional Individual Days- $200

Stay and Play (Exclusive to Alumni)- $100 per day

Please note: This service is not suggested for dogs in need of behavior modification training.  We require all dogs to be comfortable sleeping in a crate at night and to be comfortable being left alone and crated during the day for 2-4 hours before participating in this program.

We proudly serve these areas of North Carolina for Stay & Learn Training: Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Knightdale, Rolesville, Louisburg, Wendell, Youngsville, and Zebulon

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