Enjoy one on one time with a professional trainer!

At Howling Moon Pet Care we believe that personal attention in the comfort of your own home is essential, after all, this is where you will likely enjoy most of your life together with your pet!

Private lessons, in person or virtually, give you and your dog one on one attention with an experienced, certified trainer.  We will work one on one with your family to assess your goals and implement a customized training plan, then guide you through the training process and offer follow-up support.

Our Essential Manners training programs focus on the basic skills your puppy or dog will need to be a welcomed member of your family.  Learn how to address problem behaviors like puppy mouthing, jumping, barking, counter surfing, door dashing, or any others that apply to your dog as an individual.  We will also help your dog in mastering skills like loose leash walking, place training, and basic cues such as sit, down, come, stay, leave it, and more.

We offer lessons in packages for your convenience or you can choose to pay as you go.  All lesson packages are available to dogs of any age or breed, and for any stage of your dogs’ training.  Together, we can teach new skills, refresh known skills, and even explore activities like Tricks, Parkour, Rally Obedience for fun, and more.  Our packages are customized to your family’s specific goals; we will address the skills you need to enjoy life with your dog!

Note: All packages include access to our exclusive Facebook group and training support via phone or email during the completion of your package. The program and all of its bonuses will expire four months after the purchase date. Additional travel fees may apply depending on your location.

Initial Private Lesson Consult – $155

Individual Follow Up Private Lessons – $135

Bronze Package

Three Private Lessons


Silver Package

Five Private Lessons


Gold Package

Seven Private Lessons


Please note: Within 24-48 hours after completion of the intake form, you will receive an email to schedule your Initial Consultation.  On an individual basis, it may be determined that your dog will need and benefit from Behavioral Modification services, and additional fees may apply.

Initial Behavioral Modification Consult – $165

Individual Follow Up Private Lessons – $150

Bronze Package

Three Private Lessons


Silver Package

Five Private Lessons


Gold Package

Seven Private Lessons


Private Lesson Programs

Essential Manners or Behavior Modification Training

An Initial Consultation is required prior to all training services.

What is Behavior Modification Training?

Behavior Modification is a systematic approach that works to change the dog’s emotional state toward a specific situation over time. 

Behavior Modification, unlike “obedience” training, goes beyond training the dog to perform specific actions (like “sit”) when requested; these specific actions can be tools in a Behavior Modification Program, but our focus as a team will be on changing how your dog feels and reacts

A Behavior Modification Program is a great option for dogs who struggle with frustration, fear, or aggression.  Some examples of situations where behavior modification is recommended are Leash Reactivity, Resources Guarding, Separation Anxiety, and Noise Phobias.  Dogs in need of behavior modification training have the most success in private lessons where the owners can be present.

Please note: Behavior Modification Training comes with an open ended time frame.

Start enjoying life together, today.