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Feeling overwhelmed with a new puppy?  Rescue a dog that could use a training transformation?

We are a team of highly qualified trainers with an abundance of knowledge and experience who are eager to help you solve your dog training problems.  We are a full-service dog training company based in Raleigh, NC.

Utilizing the most modern, science based training techniques, head trainer and groomer, Jesi Kirk CPDT-KA and her team will deliver the results you are looking for. Take a look around and learn about our trainers and service options and you will see why more and more people are choosing to train their dogs with Howling Moon Pet Care.

Is it time for you to have that beautifully trained dog that you have always wanted to enjoy life with?  We are ready when you are!


Jesi’s Pack

Owner and Head Trainer/Groomer



StoiX Groovy Kind of Love CGC TKI VHMA VHMP

Groovy is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff who was born in May of 2022.  She is learning how to be show dog and working towards earning titles.  Groovy loves to play fetch, learn new things and make new friends.  When she is finished showing she plans to rock all of the groovy colors of the rainbow!

Over the Rainbow Bridge

A memorial to members of Jesi’s Pack that have passed over the rainbow bridge



Gingerbread Puppy of Halloween CGC

2012 – 2021

Ginger was a rescued Pit/Lab mix who loved to play with other dogs (especially puppies). She enjoyed playing agility, tug, and snuggling.

Ginger  had beautiful body language with other dogs and loved to make sure everyone felt included during play time.



Blue Ain't Your Color He's Stealin' Your Thunder CGC TKI

2015 – 2021

Blue was pulled from the Gaston County Animal Shelter and was a Pit Bull/Cattle Dog mix.  He taught Jesi a lot about Cooperative Care.

Blue had a Trick Dog Title and enjoyed swimming, hiking, fetching his Wubba, and the sport of Nose Work.



Kunoki's Creme De la Creme Furry CGC TKI RA

2008 – 2023

Zuri was a Chinese Crested Powder Puff and was the inspiration for the company name and original logo.  He enjoyed working as a  therapy dog and brought smiles, joy and hope to many people over the years.  He also loved to get attention when rocking his creative grooming creations.  Zuri enjoyed trick training and musical freestyle.



Faeryland's Skunky Punky Girls Just Wanna Have Fun CGC RN

2009 – 2021

Muna was a Chinese Crested Hairless who enjoyed showing in conformation and agility.  She was confident and had a great sense of humor.  Muna loved other dogs and people.  She loved to be the center of attention and enjoyed rocking various colors of the rainbow.



2004 – 2009

Pilot was a German Shepherd mix that Jesi found on the side of the road with several other dogs just after she graduated high school.  He struggled with severe separation anxiety and aggression towards people.  He is the reason Jesi decided to pursue an education and career as a professional dog trainer.



Unknown – 2015

Boss was a rescued Pit Bull mix who was a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  He enjoyed intereacting with puppies and learning new things. Boss earned his CGC and loved to do agility.  But most of all, he enjoyed cuddling with his mom and other pack members.  He was a gentle giant dispite the abuse he endured before coming to live with Jesi.



1995 – 2004

Buster was Jesi’s first dog.  He was an Airedale Terrier and Jesi’s first experience raising, training and grooming a dog.  She grew up with him and attended many classes with him including agility.  They loved to go on daily walks, hikes and car rides together.



1998- 2012

Grace was chow mix who was rescued from a shelter in Eastern North Carolina just after Hurricane Floyd.  She was Jesi’s companion through high school, college and her first job.  She taught Jesi a lot about leash reactivity.  She loved to run and ride in the car.  She was also really great at agility.

Remy’s Pack

Senior Dog Trainer


Smoketree’s Baby Come Back CGC TKN

Baby is as adventurous as they come.  She never turns down a romp in the woods, but would be just as happy flying off the end of a dock.

Baby was Remy’s first dog.  


Mordecai’s Good Sorta Trouble CGC TKN

Trouble was re-homed to Remy by a friend who initially found her wandering on the road. She’s a Bully Breed mix, and as energetic as they come! Trouble is a go-go-go type of gal, and Remy has earned both CGC and Tricks Titles with her. Trouble’s favorite thing is hiking through the woods, but Parkour is a close second! Remy plans to compete with Trouble in Barn Hunt, Parkour, as well as Dock Diving. Although it’s just for fun, Remy and Trouble also enjoy playing the sport of Agility!




Knox is Bully Breed and Mastiff cross that was re-homed to Remy when he was three years old. Peanut butter is better than sliced bread, if you ask Knox. He’s happy to spend the day hanging out on the couch watching movies, but also loves learning new tricks. Knox weighs in at one hundred pounds, and has taught Remy a lot about working with larger breeds of dogs. Remy has taught Knox a variety of tricks!



Jacks is Remy’s most recent addition. She adopted him right after his 10th birthday from Granville County Animal Shelter. Being an older guy, he best enjoys cuddling with his doggie siblings – especially Baby, chewing on bully sticks, and getting pets. 

Remy doesn’t have any specific training goals for Jacks, but he has loved participating in nose work for enrichment! 

Keegan’s Pack

Certified Dog Trainer


Calabrone Cinnamon Swirl CGCA CGCU TKP RATO BCAT NTD

Arkadian is a red merle Australian Shepherd. He is an amazing companion and is happiest when he is part of the action. He loves nature trails, any treat he can try, learning new tricks, and playing any game as long as he is spending time with his people. Arkadian has dabbled in a variety of dog sports but is now enjoying training for the fun of it.





Halcyon Days To Boldly Go BCAT CGCA TKA VHMA

Trek is a smooth-coated collie who is always ready for an adventure. He is sweet, goofy, and loves to go on hikes and camping. He also loves to play training games and is currently working towards his CGC Urban, Rally Obedience, and Fast Coursing Ability Tests. When they are able to participate in lessons, Trek has also been learning about herding sheep and poultry, which he absolutely loves! Keegan plans to pursue Versatility Titles with Trek through the American Working Collie Association.



Feoras Forget Me Not

Zenith, or “Zen” to her friends, is a rough coated collie recently arrived from Canada who is cheerful, bouncy, and full of personality.  She loves treats, learning, and engaging socially with both people and dogs! Zen is currently learning about her new family, and new environment, and is having fun playing tricks and games while she settles in. Zenith will be working towards her AKC CGC, trick titles, learning about herding, and playing for fun in conformation shows.


Over the Rainbow Bridge

A memorial to members of Keegan’s Pack that have passed over the rainbow bridge



Sunnland's Seems Logical CGCA CGCU TKN, Certified Therapy Dog NC

2018 – 2023

Spock was a rough-coated collie with the sweetest, gentlest disposition in the world.  He worked as a neutral dog, helping with his calm demeanor when other pups needed to build their skills and comfort around another dog.  He enjoyed hanging out on the couch and watching movies, and his favorite treats were ice chips.

Pamela and Jordaan’s Pack


Stuey Little

Stuey is a wonderful senior Bichon Frise mix. He is 12 years old and is now semi-retired, but he has a long history of service, having been the “helpful uncle” and “first friend” to hundreds of client dogs through the years. Stuey grew up in San Francisco and traveled to NC in 2020. He has repeatedly amazed Pamela and Jordaan with his sweetness, flexibility, and tolerance! His favorite activities are eating chicken, dissecting plush toys, shredding cardboard boxes for fun, playing fetch, splashing and getting incredibly dirty in any kind of creek or beach, and of course sleeping deeply on a plush dog bed with Stanley.




Stanley pickles lebron


A smooth-coated Brussels Griffon, Stan is charming, playful and has never met a stranger. He loves children, other dogs, his cat Ōkami and his brother Stu. Stan was born in Shelby, NC and has rocked Pamela and Jordaan’s world in the best way! His favorite things are eating, wrestling playfully with the cat, and being held by Jordaan. Stan has a lightning-fast recall earning him the affectionate title “Fast Potato.” Stan has also begun helping with client dogs already and is excited to continue his service to the community! 



Ōkami joined Pamela and Jordaan’s family in early 2024; a requirement for adoption was a house with multiple dogs, and they were able to deliver!  Ōkami formed an instant friendship with Stanley and, in time, earned cat-suspicious-Stuey’s love as well. He has taken to the family’s pet’s signature role very well having started to effortlessly convert several client dogs into cat lovers. Ōkami is working on advanced recall (yes, cats can be trained!) and is also learning several other tricks currently.


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