Dog Matchmaking Program


What’s Included:

1.5 Hour In-Home (or Virtual) Consultation
3-5 potential matches for the perfect pet to add to your home
Enrichment Document
Trainer Support via Email or Text for the next six months


Are you considering adding a four-legged companion to your home but overwhelmed by the process of finding the best pet to fit your life style and household?  Adding a pet to the family is a 10+ year commitment that should be a deliberate decision using as much information as possible. 

Consider our matchmaking program so we can help you find and choose your next dog!  


First, we start by having you fill out a detailed questionnaire outlining what you are looking for in a new pet via our intake form online.  Then, one of our qualified trainers will schedule a time to come to your home to meet your family (including pre-existing family pets) and evaluate your living space and life style.  We will interview your family and take into careful consideration your expectations, life style and needs.  


After that, our trainers will use their extensive knowledge, experience, and network to find your family the perfect companion to add to your home.  All of our trainers have extensive breed knowledge, experience training dogs of various temperaments, energy levels and personalities as well as serving clients and their dogs both in urban and rural environments.  


We will assist you in finding the best breeders or rescues to interview.  When interviewing breeders or rescue organizations, we know the right questions to ask and red flags to avoid.  We will assist you in speaking directly with rescues and breeders to cover all behavioral and health concerns.  


After we thoroughly research available options through breeders or rescues, we will provide you with a detailed and concise list of at least 3-5 solid leads we think will meet your desires in a new companion.  We partner with you through the process of application and adoption acquisition.  We aim to pair you with the best fit for your family so you can start enjoying life together for years to come.  We will make sure you feel confident about the dog or puppy you bring home.


Preparation & Integration Package (Add-On)


What’s Included:

Two 1.5-hour in-home (or virtual) sessions with a written summary
Session 1- Preparation: Prepare for your new pet’s arrival
Session 2- Integration:  Meet and start training your new pet
Trainer Support via Email or Text for the next six months


During the preparation and integration package add on, a trainer will come to your home two more times to ensure your new pet has the best start possible to a new life with your family!


The focus of the first in-home session will be to prepare for your new dog.  We provide you with a list of things we think you should have and even help you decide where to set up all of your new items (crate, toys, bed, etc.).  We help you devise a plan for bringing your new addition home and ensuring any introductions to other pets, family members, and routines go smoothly.


Once your new companion arrives, we will schedule a second session to meet your new best friend!  During this session we discuss how things are going and help you trouble shoot any issues you might be having.  We can also get you started with any of your training needs.  If you decide you need additional help with training, we have many packages available to best suit your training needs.


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