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“We believe in enjoying life together to the fullest!”

Feeling overwhelmed with a new puppy?  Rescue a dog that could use a training transformation?

We are a team of highly qualified trainers with an abundance of knowledge and experience who are eager to help you solve your dog training problems.  We are a full-service dog training company based in Raleigh, NC.

Utilizing the most modern, science based training techniques, head trainer and groomer, Jesi Kirk CPDT-KA and her team will deliver the results you are looking for. Take a look around and learn about our trainers and service options and you will see why more and more people are choosing to train their dogs with Howling Moon Pet Care.

Is it time for you to have that beautifully trained dog that you have always wanted to enjoy life with?  We are ready when you are!

Strengthen your relationship with you dog.

“We believe in enjoying life together to the fullest!”

Positive and Effective Training to Strengthen your Relationship with your Dog

We believe in creating a positive and effective learning experience by utilizing modern science-based training techniques (referencing the Humane Hierarchy) along with real-world training and handling experience to provide quick results that significantly improve behavior while helping you enjoy life to the fullest with your pet.


Jesi Kirk, CPDT-KA, FFCP, AKC Evaluator

Owner and Head Trainer/Groomer

Howling Moon Pet Care Owner and Head Trainer/Groomer, Jesi Kirk, CPDT-KA has been training dogs since she was 8 years old. Jesi dreamed of working with dogs at a young age. In college, at NCSU, she contemplated becoming a Veterinarian. Instead, she completed a grooming apprenticeship at a local vet’s office and received a degree in Education. Although she enjoyed working with children, she knew her heart belonged to dogs. Jesi has over fifteen years of experience in dog training and grooming on a professional level. Her experience teaching children gives her the confidence, creativity, and patience to educate dog owners on training, grooming, and husbandry techniques.

Jesi is forever grateful of the bond that exists between dogs and their people. After all, dogs have helped to shape Jesi’s entire life and her many dogs over the years have taught her so much about enjoying life to the fullest. She is well aware of the healing component a dog can bring to your life and promoting this special connection is a significant part of Howling Moon Pet Care’s mission and philosophy.

Jesi is a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, a certification that requires hundreds of logged training hours and passing a comprehensive exam. Jesi is also a certified Fear Free Dog Trainer and Groomer vowing to use the least invasive techniques possible when training and grooming pets. She is the only Fear Free certified dog groomer in Raleigh, NC. Her specialties include Creative Grooming and Cooperative Care. She has also enjoyed competing and earning titles over the years in Rally Obedience, Conformation, Agility, and Trick Dog. Jesi enjoys giving back to the community in the form of therapy dog visits and donations to local rescues who help find homes for unwanted pets. Jesi is also an approved evaluator for the AKC.

Jesi’s Pack


Kunoki’s Crème de la Crème Furry CGC TKI RA

Zuri is a 13 year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff and is the inspiration behind the name and logo of Howling Moon Pet Care.

As a certified therapy dog, Zuri has brought many smiles, joy, and hope to people over the years. He has a title in Rally Obedience and Trick Dog. Zuri enjoys Treiball and Canine Musical Freestyle.


Blue Ain’t Your Color He’s Stealing Your Thunder CGC TKI

Blue is a five year old rescued Pit/Cattle Dog mix from Gaston County Animal Control.  Blue came with a lot of challenges including separation anxiety and an aversion to getting his nails done. 

He has taught Jesi a lot about Cooperative Care. Blue has a Trick Dog Title and enjoys swimming, hiking, fetching his Wubba, and is exploring the sport of Nose Work.


Gingerbread Puppy of Halloween CGC

Ginger is a seven year old rescued Pit/Lab mix who loves to play with other dogs (especially puppies). She enjoys playing agility, tug, and snuggling.

Ginger is very social with other dogs and loves to make sure everyone feels included during play time.

Remy Metzger, CPDT-KA, FFCP, AKC Evaluator

Senior Dog Trainer

     Howling Moon Pet Care Trainer, Remy Metzger, CPDT-KA has been passionate about dogs from the time she was little.  As a young child, she would set up makeshift agility courses in her home for her family Dachshund, Buddha.  Remy has always loved animals of all shapes and sizes.  She has previously ridden in a rodeo and loved to teach fun tricks to the horse she rode.  As a teenager, she adopted a dog named Baby.  At a young age, Baby dealt with dog reactivity and aggression.  While rebuilding Baby’s ability to co-exist and communicate with her own species, Remy’s passion for dog training was ignited.

Remy has been dog training professionally for seven years.  Remy is a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, a certification that requires hundreds of logged hours and passing a comprehensive exam.   Remy has participated in Rally Obedience, Agility, Barn Hunt, Parkour, Dock Diving, and has earned titles in Trick Dog.  Remy is also an Evaluator with the American Kennel Club.

Remy’s Pack


Smoketree’s Baby Come Back CGC TKN

Baby is as adventurous as they come.  She never turns down a romp in the woods, but would be just as happy flying off the end of a dock.

Baby was Remy’s first dog.  


Mordecai’s Good Sorta Trouble CGC TKN

Trouble was re-homed to Remy by a friend who initially found her wandering on the road. She’s a Bully Breed mix, and as energetic as they come! Trouble is a go-go-go type of gal, and Remy has earned both CGC and Tricks Titles with her. Trouble’s favorite thing is hiking through the woods, but Parkour is a close second! Remy plans to compete with Trouble in Barn Hunt, Parkour, as well as Dock Diving. Although it’s just for fun, Remy and Trouble also enjoy playing the sport of Agility!



Knox is Bully Breed and Mastiff cross that was re-homed to Remy when he was three years old, and is the newest addition to her pack of three. Peanut butter is better than sliced bread, if you ask Knox. He’s happy to spend the day hanging out on the couch watching movies, but also loves learning new tricks. Knox weighs in at one hundred pounds, and has taught Remy a lot about working with larger breeds of dogs. Remy plans to earn Trick Titles with Knox.

Lydia Register, CCDT

Certified Dog Trainer

Howling Moon Pet Care Trainer, Lydia Register, CCDT began working with dogs at a young age.  Her passion for helping them began in 2003 when she adopted her first shelter pup, Natasha.  Since then, she has spent many years in the realm of rescue and rehabilitation.  She has saved over 300 pets from dire situations while working to build trust and comfort in many fearful cases.  Her passion is strengthening the bond between man and best friend in hopes that the individual needs of our canine companions are more widely understood and their welfare properly met.

Lydia is a certified dog trainer through the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.  She is working to earn an additional certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and aims to have this title by Summer 2023.  Lydia has obtained a degree in Animal Welfare from North Carolina State University.


Lydia’s Pack



Clover is Lydia’s sidekick!  She ABSOLUTELY loves spending as much time around “Mom” as possible.  Clover is always ready for adventure and just adores attention from anyone and everyone!  She will receive her Canine Good Citizen certification through American Kennel Club soon and is ready for the next challenge! She was rescued from a rural shelter just hours from death in 2013.


Juniper is another rescue pup!  She is SUCH a gentle soul and would do just about anything for a treat!  Although she enjoys spending her days lying in the sun on the cabin’s front porch, she’s ready for her Canine Good Citizen certification!  She’s excited to start working on as many titles as she can!  Lydia believes she really just wants the titles for all the treats that come along with them!


Cal Corona

Private Dog Trainer

Cal is a private dog trainer with a lifetime of personal experience and four years of professional experience training dogs. He lives on a small farm with his husband, six dogs, and a variety of other animals. Growing up, Cal was surrounded by dogs – from his family dogs at home to his Uncle’s working German Shorthaired Pointers, Cal was never without canine companionship. While earning his Bachelor of Science in Geology at CSU, he enrolled in a Behavior Modification class and spent a semester clicker training cats and learning about behavior science. Around that time, Cal was navigating the onset of a debilitating medical condition and his medical team decided that a service animal would be an appropriate aid. He spent the next two years training his current service dog, Andie. This sparked his desire to dive deeper into professional dog training.


Cal’s Pack


Leatherwood’s Pretty in Pink CGC TKN TKI Service Dog

Andie is a 6 year old black Labrador Retriever who has taught Cal a lot about working with high energy, high drive dogs.  Andie has dabbled in scent work, agility, trick dog, rally obedience and dock diving in addition to her service dog work.  Andie enjoys any activity she can do with Cal – but especially anything outdoors.  Her favorite pastimes include fetch, swimming, fetch while swimming, camping, hiking, and fetch.


Jezebel God of War BH-VT CGC

Leaf is a 1.5 year old Belgian Malinois and is currently in training to become Cal’s next service dog.  She is full of spunk and is always ready for adventure!  Her hobbies include training, hiking, playing tug, biting things, wrestling with her siblings and snuggling.  She has begun training in IGP and earned her BH-VT in December 2022, and is dabbling in a variety of AKC sports. 


Certification & Education

Why Certifications Matter

At Howling Moon Pet Care, we take pride in acquiring and maintaining industry-recognized certifications for our trainers.

The dog training industry is grossly unregulated; therefore, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Because these certifications require a certain amount of continuing education in order to remain certified, they ensure that our trainers are always staying up to date on the most current and proven training techniques.

Not only do we attend continuing education seminars, conferences and workshops but we also spend hundreds of hours each year reading books, blogs and listening to podcasts in order to expand our knowledge about scientifically proven training techniques. We feel that this allows us to better serve our clients and community.

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