"I found Jesi to groom our Havanese, Zeke after two miserable attempts to have him groomed, one at the vets and one at a big box pet store. She spent lots of time and her own special treats trying to make him more comfortable. She also asks a lot of questions about what kind of grooming I wanted and gave me several good suggestions. She has been grooming Zeke exclusively since then. While he still does not look forward to the groom he is always a proud little fellow when I pick him up, so proud of his new look. I have and will continue to reccommend her, she really cares about the dogs and does an excellent job. I hope she never stops!"

--- Gwen and Zeke the Havanese

"I am a total freak about my dog, but I never hesitate to leave Kasomor Kai with Jesi.  She always makes my little superstar ready for his close up!  He willingly allows her to do scary things to him (like clip his nails) that he won't even allow me to do.  Thank you, Jesi, for taking  such excellent care of my boy!"

--- Christie and Kasomor Kai the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

"Jesi is FABULOUS!  She cleaned and groomed Gabe, a rescue Newfoundland mix.  He was so matted and horribly dirty.  She made Gabe at ease (I'm pretty sure he'd never been groomed before).  He looks so much better and you can tell he feels better as well.  Gabe was a huge undertaking and Jesi made it look easy!"

​--- Tina and Gabe the Newfoundland Mix

"Jesi is amazing and the girls love her!"

--- Heidi and Astrid and Ursula the Pomeranians

"Not only does Jesi do an excellent job in a timely manner, she also gets to know my dog.  She knows his personality, his likes and dislikes and she truly cares about him, which makes for a great grooming experience for him and me."  

--- Stephanie and Rocky

"Jesi gave Zellie her first professional groom in five years.  I have been doing it myself.  No more!  Jesi gave the best bath ever!  She is wonderful!​"

​--- Beth and Zellie the Bernese Mountain Dog

"I am pleased with the overall quality of service.  Jesi obviously knows what she is doing and takes care not to hurt my dog.  As much as I desire to keep her tangle free, I am no match for the long coat of my Chinese Crested Powder Puff.  NOW lets talk about what Shimmy thinks.  Shimmy is very at ease when we arrive at Howling Moon and just as happy when we leave.  This says a lot about the loving care she gets at Howling Moon Pet Care!"

​--- Wendell and Shimmy the Chinese Crested Powder Puff

"Top Notch!"

--- Karen, Ollie, and Kona the Kuvasz

"We were new parents of a Chow-Chow and our dog trainer recommended Howling Moon Pet Care.  From the first visit we knew we had made the right decision, and now we are the ones recommending Jesi and her services!!!  Molly, our baby, our little furry love... LOVES to see Jesi.  The way Molly's fluffy coat smells and feels after a pampering spa-like session is just amazing!  5 stars and 4 thumbs up (dogs have thumbs... right?!?!?)! "  

--- Susan, Mark, and Molly the Chow-Chow