Muna is a 10 year old Chinese Crested Hairless and is registered with the AKC as Faeryland's Skunky Punky Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and loves to do agility.  Muna has competed in Teacup Agility and Rally Obedience.  She loves to cuddle and give kisses!  But don't let her size fool you... she also isn't afraid to show big dogs who's boss!

Zuri is an 11 year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff and is registered with the AKC as Kunoki's Creme de la Creme Furry.  He is the inspiration behind the name and logo of Howling Moon Pet Care.  Zuri is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and a certified therapy dog.  He has brought many smiles, joy and hope to people over the years.  Zuri has a novice and intermediate title in Trick Dog.  He enjoys treiball and canine musical free style.  Zuri has a novice and advanced title in AKC Rally Obedience and competed briefly in the AKC conformation ring.  




​Blue is registered as "Blue Ain't Your Color He's Stealin' Your Thunder" with AKC Canine Partners.  He is a three year old rescued Pit/Cattle Dog mix from Gaston County Animal control.  Blue has a Novice and Intermediate AKC Trick Dog Title.  He also is a Canine Good Citizen with the AKC.  Blue enjoys swimming, hiking, fetch, and is exploring the sport of Barn Hunt and Nose Work.

​Ginger is registered as "Gingerbread Puppy of Halloween" with AKC Canine Partners.  She is a five year old rescued Pit mix and loves to play with other dogs.  Ginger was an AKC Star Puppy and is now an AKC Canine Good Citizen.  She enjoys training in agility and nose work.  Ginger is very social with other dogs and loves to make sure everyone feels included during play time.

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